Moon King (Synthpop, Toronto)

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Toronto native Daniel Benjamin and collaborator/co-conspirator Maddy Wilde have been making music together for most of their lives. As Moon King, they weave dreamlike harmonies over buzz-saw guitars and electronic percussion, with their live performances capturing a raw-nerve intensity that verges on ecstatic. Many of their songs appeal to our darker subconscious desires, revelling in the embrace of fear and ego as a means of escape. Moon King’s first EPs, Obsession I and II, were released on Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk’s label One Big Silence, and re-released in Europe by Tough Love Records in the fall of 2013. They have since signed to indie powerhouse Last Gang, and their extensive international touring history includes tours with Doldrums (Daniel’s brother Airick), Austra, Majical Cloudz, and (Mr) Twin Sister, among others.

“…dream-pop with fangs, packing their reverb-layered surfaces with punchy playing and swooning melodies.” – SPIN

“…the Toronto duo recall DIIV if they were fronted by Elizabeth Fraser.” – NME (print)

“The band is connected to a handful of other ascendant Canadian alt-pop projects– Doldrums, Grimes, Austra– but they differentiate themselves from their peers by pulling from a different set of influences, focusing on Cocteau
Twins and the Jesus and Mary Chain.” – Pitchfork

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